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Contact Person: Happy Wang
Category: Trenchless rehabilitation lining
Address: Floor 1, Building 15, No.481 Guiping Rd., Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Xuhui District
ZIP Code: 200233
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Tel: 0086 13764198761
E-mail: happywang@5elem.com
Booth Number: 55
5ELEM renovation self-pressure lining prolongs life of pipe lines.


Contact Person: Derek Akkerman
Category: Trenchless Equipment Manufacturer
Address: 58256 266th
ZIP Code: 55918
City: Brownsdale
Country: USA
Tel: 800 - 533 - 0386
E-mail: dakkerman@akkerman.com
Booth Number: 76
Akkerman - Driven for Customer Success


Anese s.r.l.
Contact Person: Marco Berti
Category: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Address: Via Cavanella 771
ZIP Code: 30026
City: Concordia Sagittaria
Country: Italy
Tel: 0421/769243
E-mail: info@anese.it
Booth Number: 26
Hydraulic and civil works; sewage and water pipe laying; horizontal directional drilling; land stabilization; agricultural and industrial drainage; exceptionally large goods vehicles.


Contact Person: Steve Butterworth
Category: Manufacturers / Supply
Address: Castle Bank Mills, Portobello Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
ZIP Code: WF1 5PS
Tel: 01924 373421
E-mail: steve.butterworth@appliedfelts.co.uk
Booth Number: 70
Applied felts are the international leader in supplying liners for successful cipp installations around the world. Our extensive history and experience give our customers peace of mind knowing they can rely on us for training and support, and get the best custom liners to fit their unique needs.


ASOE HOSE Manufacutruing Inc.
Contact Person: Jack Lyu
Category: Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Solution
Address: Suchen South Industrial Park Hailing District, Jiangsu
ZIP Code: 225319
City: Taizhou
Country: China
Tel: +86 523 89600128
Booth Number: 63
ASOE HOSE is a provider of varieties of trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions , including Pipe-in Liner ™ fabric reinforced flexible plastic pipe for pressure pipeline ,or FFPP™Foled & Formed plastic pipe for gravity pipeline.


Contact Person: Francesco Faedda, Roberta Sibani, Laura Calabrò
Category: Polymeric alloy HDD pipes.
Address: Via Piave, 8
ZIP Code: 36066
City: Sandrigo
Country: ITALY
Tel: +30 0444 461000
E-mail: info@fitt.com
Booth Number: 18
FITT creates systems in thermoplastic material for the passage of fluids.


FLRT BIT - Beijing Feilong International
Contact Person: Yu Yin
Category: tricone bits , PDC bits , HDD drilling tools.
Address: B2-0645 Room, Century-Tea-trade-Center, No.10 Maliandao road, Xuanwu District
ZIP Code: 100055
City: Beijing
Country: China
Tel: 0086-10-63405086
E-mail: sales@feilong-retop.cn
Booth Number: 57
FLRT Bit, manufacturer of tricone and PDC bits, HDD drilling tools.


Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.
Contact Person: Jennifer Lighthall
Category: GPR
Address: 40 Simon Street
ZIP Code: 03060
City: Nashua
Country: USA
Tel: 603-681-2025
E-mail: lighthallj@geophysical.com
Booth Number: 56
GSSI is the world leader of GPR equipment.


Herrenknecht AG
Category: Tunnel Boring Machines
Address: Schlehenweg 2
ZIP Code: 77963
City: Schwanau
Country: Germany
Tel: +49 7824 302 -0
E-mail: pr@herrenknecht.de
Booth Number: 5
Cutting-edge tunnel boring machines for all ground conditions and all diameters.


Contact Person: Sig. Pierluigi Tomaselli
Category: Rehabilitational no dig pipelines for sewers, aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines an water wells
Address: Via Arrigo Boito, 10
ZIP Code: 20026
City: Novate Milanese
Country: Italia
Tel: 02 350 49 10 - 348 156 46 36
E-mail: pierluigi.tomaselli@idroambiente.it
Booth Number: 13+14
Since 1991 we have been producing machines and services for video- inspection, relining / rehabilitationl no dig and testing of underground pipelines for sewers, aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and water wells.


IDS GeoRadar s.r.l.
Booth Number: 1


ImpulseRadar Sweden AB
Contact Person: Mikael Burman
Category: GPR
Address: Storgatan 78
ZIP Code: 939 32
City: Malå
Country: Sweden
Tel: +46 70 600 85 83
E-mail: Mikael.burman@impulseradar.se
Booth Number: 47
ImpulseRadar Provide You with Modern GPR Solutions for Efficient Subsurface Imaging


Contact Person: Marco Cappello
Category: Trenchless rehabilitation systems for pipelines
Address: via Tommaseo 4
ZIP Code: 20871
City: Vimercate
Country: Italy
Tel: 039 6853764
E-mail: info@intecosrl.com
Booth Number: 29
In.Te.Co. offre prodotti e servizi dedicati al relining no-dig, di condotte a gravità e in pressione, per sistemi fognari, acquedottistici e di distribuzione gas. La preparazione del personale In.Te.Co, l’aggiornamento degli equipaggiamenti, l’utilizzo della strumentazione all’avanguardia e la capacità progettuale per ogni intervento con la totale rispondenza ai requisiti qualitativi e normativi, sono alcune delle caratteristiche dei servizi offerti da In.Te.Co.


Langmatz GmbH
Contact Person: Luca Veturi
Category: Underground infrastructure solutions
Address: Am Gschwend 10
ZIP Code: D-82467
City: Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Country: Germany
Tel: +4988219200
E-mail: info@langmatz.de
Booth Number: 64
Innovative underground infrastructure for agile distribution networks


Risanamento FognatureSPA
Contact Person: ING. Paro Gianluca 348-0173070
Category: NO DIG / Relining Company
Address: Via Provinciale Ovest 9/1
ZIP Code: 31040
City: Salgareda
Country: Italy
Tel: 0422-807622
E-mail: info@risanamentofognature.it
Booth Number: 2
Organizzazione ed esecuzione in genere di lavori per la manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria di reti tecnologiche quali fognature, acquedotti, condutture, ecc. Avvalendosi in particolare di tecnologie avanzate per la ispezione televisiva, la pulizia, la sigillatura e la riparazione agendo dall'interno delle tubazioni senza manomettere la struttura sovrastante


Contact Person: Andrea Muraro (Direct sales)
Category: Wedding machines for plastic pipe
Address: Via A. Volta 35/37
ZIP Code: 35037
City: Bresseo di Teolo (Padova)
Country: ITALIA
Tel: +39 049 9901888
E-mail: info@ritmo.it
Booth Number: 68
Ritmo s.p.a Plastic welding technology Made in Italy


Rotech S.r.l.
Contact Person: Sig. Karl Heinz Robatscher
Address: Via Mules, 91/A
ZIP Code: 39040
City: Campo di Trens (BZ)
Country: ITALIA
Tel: +39 0472 970650
E-mail: info@rotech.bz.it
Booth Number: 7+8
Rehabilitation and renovation of existing pipes with NO DIG systems


RTi Italy s.r.l.
Contact Person: Roberto Giolo, Dott. Mag. Ing.
  • Trenchless technologies for inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation
  • Fields of application: Sewage, drinking water, gas, oil, industrial sewage, petrochemistry, district heating
  • Technologies: CIPP, Close Fit Lining, Lining with Continuous Pipes, Lining with Discrete Pipes, Lining with Pipe Segments, Lining with Spirally Wound Pipes, Robot System, Sealing Rings, Short Liner System, Flooding Method, Pipe Bursting, Pull-In-Place-Method
Address: Zona Artigianale 11
ZIP Code: 39040
City: Varna (BZ)
Country: Italy
Tel: +39 380 100 300 3
E-mail: italia@rti.eu
Booth Number: 36
For more than 30 years RTi Group has been specializing in trenchless technologies for the inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation of all kinds of piping systems, e.g. pipes for sewage, drinking water, gas, oil or industrial sewage. A quick and above all economic solution can be found for all problems with leaking gravity and pressure pipes in dimensions from DN 80 to DN 5500 mm.



Contact Person: Giorgia Compagni
Category: Trenchless Equipment
Address: VIA ADIGE 21
ZIP Code: 37060
Country: ITALY
Tel: +39 045 6702625, +39 345 4000276
E-mail: info@vermeeritalia.it, gcompagni@vermeeritalia.it
Booth Number: 6
Horizontal Directional Drilling equipment, specialized technical assistance.


Contact Person: Maurizio Bissolo - Roberta Maretto
Category: Cable laying accessories
Address: via Copernico 13/A
ZIP Code: 39100
City: Bolzano
Country: Italy
Tel: 0471 546100
E-mail: bissolo@volta-macchine.com, maretto@volta-macchine.com
Booth Number: 34
Volta Macchine is producer of cable laying accessories and machineries


Amex Sanivar AG
Contact Person: Beatrice Weber
Category: Trenchless rehabilitation systems for pipelines (Sleeve, Liner) from DN80 to DN6000
Address: Neustrasse 19
ZIP Code: 4623
City: Neuendorf
Country: Switzerland
Tel:+49 173 3727001
E-mail: Beatrice.weber@amex-sanivar.com
Booth Number: 29
For more than 40 years, Amex Sanivar develops trenchless rehabilitation systems for pipelines from DN80 to DN6000. We provide solutions for all application and pipe material. Material warranty up to 50 years of lifetime! For gravity and pressure pipe! Visit us!

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AGENDA SRL - Edizioni AcquAgenda, GasAgenda, Watergas.it
Contact Person: Sauro Medici
Category: Stampa Tecnica
Address: via Solaroli 6
ZIP Code: 20141
City: Milano
Country: Italy
Tel: +39 02 5520767
E-mail: info@watergas.it
900 technical suppliers, 500 products/services for water/gas pipelines