Reasons To Attend

The International No-Dig 2019 is the most important trenchless technology conference and fair attended by professionals who want  to learn new techniques and cost-saving solutions, spend quality time with colleagues and customers and grow their professional network.

By attending the International No-Dig 2019 you can:

  • maximize your investment in trenchless technologies, services and applications
  • be updated on the latest high tech and cost-saving trenchless solutions
  • Increase your visibility and promotion of your company
  • benefit of new market opportunities

The Italian market is recovering and the forecast for the future is favorable.
A growing awareness of environmental and social sustainability is spreading amongst people and companies. Consequently, cost-effective and risk-controlled technologies are the winning choice.
The forecast of growth for the 2018-2022 period is positive and it highlights the forthcoming opportunities and appeal of the Italian no dig market:

Oil & gas sector: Italy is the third largest gas market in Europe with more than 290.000 km of infrastructures. The country is going to have an increasingly strategic role as a European gas hub with further developments on the transport and distribution networks.
Between 2018 and 2022 investments planned for network development are approx. € 2.2 bn, and € 1.7 bn for network replacement.

TLC: the Digital Agenda is a priority for the Italian Government. Thanks to the excellent relationship that IATT has with the Government departments, and various Ministries, we are proud to confirm that in the design phase of the networks NGAN, trenchless technology now represents the first choice for the interventions. Managing authorities have planned investments for the next four years of about 4 billion euros.

Water & Sewage: In the forthcoming years, there will be a strong exponential increase of water levies due to a demographic growth and a higher per capita consumption. Beside this, Italian aqueducts and sewerage network (respectively 200.000 km and 90.000 km) are old and often damaged. Our country registers losses for approx. 40% of drinking water and approx. 34% in the sewers: renovation and replacement have become a priority. Approx. euro 11.8 bn investments have been estimated for the next 5 years. The Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water has forecasted in 60 bn euros the global investment for the next 30 years.