Useful Information

Local Time

Italian Standard Time (IST) is Central European Time Zone and it corresponds to UTC/GMT +1:00 hours. Italy observes daylight savings time.


Italian, while the official language of the Conference will be English.


The VAT in Italy is the value-added tax. It is an indirect tax on all business transactions involving goods and services, and is also known as "imposta sul valore aggiunto” or IVA. The VAT is applicable for all countries in the European Union and is different for each country. Italy's VAT for business transactions and purchases is 22 percent, and the tax for basic products 4 to 10 percent.

Driving and parking

The entire historical centre of Florence is a Unesco World Heritage site and has very strict rules regarding driving and parking. Only cars with special permits, known as ZTL access, are allowed to drive and park within its limits. Visitors to the city can use services such as car sharing or the extensive bus and taxi coverage, and are not encouraged to drive their personal vehicle without ZTL access, as a fine will be issued.

Street Numbering

The street numbers in Florence's historical center can be confusing for newcomers. Note that civic numbers for residences, hotels, and some offices are the color black; whereas civic numbers for business and shops are red (followed by the letter "r”). Therefore it is normal, for example, to find 34 black next to 160/r on the same street.


Florence offers a vast variety of shops, from famous designer boutiques to vintage shops, from hand-crafted products to mass-produced souvenirs and much more. If you are looking for luxury items consider shopping in Via Tornabuoni and Via della Vigna; for leather goods visit Piazza Santa Croce and San Lorenzo market; you can find antiques in Via Maggio and Via de' Fossi, while the best jewelry in the city is directly on the Ponte Vecchio.

Typical Opening Hours

Small and family owned shops are typically from 10.00am-1pm and 3.30pm-7.30pm daily. In the main shopping area in the city centre nearly all stores are open with continuous hours.

Useful Numbers

  • Florence Airport Main Number - +39 055 3061300
  • Florence Airport Lost Luggage Department - +39 055 3061302
  • Tourist Information Center in Via Cavour 1/r -  +39 055 290832
  • Tourist Information Center in Piazza Stazione, 4 - +39 055 212245
  • Taxi - +39 055 4242 / +39 055 4390

Emergency Numbers

  • Carabinieri (local police) – 112
  • Police Emergency – 113
  • Fire Station – 115
  • Ambulance - First Aid - 118