IATT - Italian Association for Trenchless Technology

Founded as a non-profit association in 1994, since then IATT has built a strong, active and growing membership, with the core objective of promoting, developing and applying trenchless technology.

IATT is closely connected to organizations, network agencies, universities, professional associations and companies and frequently deals with Government Institutions as a privileged counterpart.

IATT is affiliated with the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), which includes 28 organization representing 33 different countries. It has being appointed for divulgation of No-Dig technologies on the North-African and Middle East countries.

The Mission

IATT’s underlying philosophy is to discover and encourage the use of trenchless system for the installation and repair of underground pipelines, utilities and services. By applying the no-dig technologies, damage to roadways, as well as excavation and earth-moving operations are considerably limited, so the disturbance caused to economic, residential and leisure-time activities are reduced too.

IATT pursues its aims by promoting several activities mainly focused on creating the technological awareness needed to increase and promote the use of Trenchless Technologies, and by enhancing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of entrepreneurial associated members.

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ISTT - International Society for Trenchless Technology

ISTT was established in September 1986 with the goal of advancing the science, practice and application of trenchless technology for public benefit worldwide, through education, training, study and research.

No-Dig shows, organized every year by ISTT in partnership with a different affiliated society, have the purpose to maximize the visibility internationally of trenchless technologies while supporting education and training activities.

2019 is the year ISTT will be teaming up with IATT for the show!

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Below is the map of ISTT affiliated society: